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Most of the flour you find in grocery stores is made from varieties of wheat that have been bred for easy mechanized harvesting and processing. Unfortunately, gains in mechanized efficiency have come at the cost of protein content, taste and nutrition. Fortunately, the older “heirloom” or “heritage” grains grown by our ancestors are still available thanks to the many individuals and organizations that have saved seeds.

We carry several varieties of heirloom wheat seed targeted at the home gardener, homesteader, or small-scale farmer who wants to experiment with growing out these varieties. The seed is intended to be planted, not eaten.

All of our wheat is grown out at Earth Dharma Farm from seed originally obtained from the USDA’s National Small Grains Collection, the Whole Grain Connection, the Kusa Seed Society, and the Heritage Grain Conservancy. The pedigree of each variety is listed on the seed package, so you can trace exactly where your seed came from.
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