Up there.

Iqaluit Arrival


If flying into Kuujjuaq was, "oh, my, god," coming into Iqaluit was "holy shit." Not a green thing in sight. But even more beautiful than Kuujjuaq, in my opinion. And dramatic: Not a sign of human inhabitants until we had almost hit the runway. And, then, the famous yellow airport. I had seen pictures of it but thought that they must have been taken in distorted light. But Iqaluit airport really is a bright, welcoming, Big Bird shade of yellow. Inside, unlike Kuujjuac, it has not been remodeled in some time and has bright orange plastic bucket seats to complement the yellow exterior. But the important thing: All of my luggage arrived and in no time at all!

Getting the four large, heavy rubbermaid containers out of the airport was a an adventure. Chris, the nice young man sent by the Dept of Health and Social Services to meet me, and I each loaded up two of them on a baggage cart and exited, to find a steep metal switchback ramp as the only way to the ground. We looked at each other: What could possibly go wrong? Precarious, but we made it without seriously injuring ourselves or others. Then on to unloading into the apartment, which does have an elevator, although we didn't discover it until we had dragged 2 bins down the stairs.

Then to the office to meet some colleagues, a trip to the library to check the internet, and a reality check on those famous exorbitant Nunavut food prices. But that's for the next post, along with my unusual first day on, and off, the job.