Coming up for Air

It has been a hectic week/month/winter/year at Earth Dharma Farm! This week we handed in our application for Phase II of Maine’s “Farms for the Future” program, where we will compete for a cash grant and a low-interest loan. Part of the process was completing a business plan for the farm. It felt like writing a masters thesis and of course we left it late. We actually pulled an all nighter the day before it was due. Too old for this! Even if we don’t get the grant, the completed business plan brought all of our brainstorms, wacky and less-wacky ideas, post-it notes, scattered bits of google research, drawings on the back of napkins, etc, together in one place in a cohesive format. This should serve as a good resource for us as we move forward toward a profitable (yes, really!) farm.

What else? This winter Heather started making jewelry. You can look at it (and buy it) at www. Heather also learned to make bread! It only took about 20 tries over 10 years. Recipe to be posted soon. Dave has been working on a biochar grant and on finishing the house. We’ve got a ton of seedlings growing in our living room. And that’s about all I can remember just at the moment. A bit of a blur, this winter!